Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ramble: NOTD, Business Wear & Little Haul!

Hey guys,
It's been far too long since I did a blog post, but I started 6th form on Wednesday and I've hardly had a moment to think about anything other than where my next lesson is, how to get there and do I know anyone in my class? lol. Anyway I had 3 things I wanted to blog about so I've kinda put them all in one big post...which I'm sure is just going to turn into a long ramble!

First of all....NOTD.

(Asda "Be Mine", £1.50)

I've never tried any Asda cosmetics before, and as you can imagine from the idea of supermarket make-up and the very low price I wasn't really expecting much. However, I was very surprised! It's actually a really good nail polish. You could get away with one coat and I found it lasted well (about 4 days without chipping). I bought this nail polish as a replacement for the Collection 2000 Dynasty (see post) which sadly went all gunky and melted when I was on holiday. *Note to self: don't leave nail polish on the window sill when it's 36C outside!*
As you can see the colour is almost identical...I think the Collection 2000 has more pinky undertones whereas the Asda one is more bluey, but either way I think it's pretty good. And to be honest I think the Asda nail polish is better certainly lasted longer without chipping! I'll defo be going back to Asda and seeing their other colours :)

Now, changing topic completely (bare with me haha)....As I said at the start I started 6th form this week, and we have to wear "business wear". It's a total nightmare, I found it really hard to find anything that looked even half decent and fitted me ok and after wearing a suit for 3 days I can safely say I've never felt so uncomfortable or awkward lol. So, however embarrassing, I thought I'd show you my two suits (one skirt, one trouser) that I wore last week. We also have to wear proper cotton blouses so you can see them too...I decided to buy 6 in BRIGHT colours to try and make the suit more interesting lol.

Trouser suit - New Look
Blouse - Tesco

(I look so awkward in the skirt suit in particular lol...oh well I guess I'll get used to it!)

So after my busy first week back at school I did a little retail therapy yesterday. I bought...

Jumper from New Look, £18.99
I love the detailing on this jumper, and think it's going to be a great piece dressed up or down with skinny black jeans.

Dress from Warehouse, £30 (was £45)
I tried this on when it was full price and couldn't quite bring myself to buy it, so as soon as I saw it in the sale and in my size I had to get it. Yay :)

Phew that was a long post, I've filled you in on all now I think....and I promise to be a better blogger. More posts will be coming soon!