Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ramble: NOTD, Business Wear & Little Haul!

Hey guys,
It's been far too long since I did a blog post, but I started 6th form on Wednesday and I've hardly had a moment to think about anything other than where my next lesson is, how to get there and do I know anyone in my class? lol. Anyway I had 3 things I wanted to blog about so I've kinda put them all in one big post...which I'm sure is just going to turn into a long ramble!

First of all....NOTD.

(Asda "Be Mine", £1.50)

I've never tried any Asda cosmetics before, and as you can imagine from the idea of supermarket make-up and the very low price I wasn't really expecting much. However, I was very surprised! It's actually a really good nail polish. You could get away with one coat and I found it lasted well (about 4 days without chipping). I bought this nail polish as a replacement for the Collection 2000 Dynasty (see post) which sadly went all gunky and melted when I was on holiday. *Note to self: don't leave nail polish on the window sill when it's 36C outside!*
As you can see the colour is almost identical...I think the Collection 2000 has more pinky undertones whereas the Asda one is more bluey, but either way I think it's pretty good. And to be honest I think the Asda nail polish is better certainly lasted longer without chipping! I'll defo be going back to Asda and seeing their other colours :)

Now, changing topic completely (bare with me haha)....As I said at the start I started 6th form this week, and we have to wear "business wear". It's a total nightmare, I found it really hard to find anything that looked even half decent and fitted me ok and after wearing a suit for 3 days I can safely say I've never felt so uncomfortable or awkward lol. So, however embarrassing, I thought I'd show you my two suits (one skirt, one trouser) that I wore last week. We also have to wear proper cotton blouses so you can see them too...I decided to buy 6 in BRIGHT colours to try and make the suit more interesting lol.

Trouser suit - New Look
Blouse - Tesco

(I look so awkward in the skirt suit in particular lol...oh well I guess I'll get used to it!)

So after my busy first week back at school I did a little retail therapy yesterday. I bought...

Jumper from New Look, £18.99
I love the detailing on this jumper, and think it's going to be a great piece dressed up or down with skinny black jeans.

Dress from Warehouse, £30 (was £45)
I tried this on when it was full price and couldn't quite bring myself to buy it, so as soon as I saw it in the sale and in my size I had to get it. Yay :)

Phew that was a long post, I've filled you in on all now I think....and I promise to be a better blogger. More posts will be coming soon!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

OOTD: Results Day

On Tuesday I went into school and picked up my GCSE results...I was really really surprised at my results (in a good way haha) and I'm so pleased with myself. I even managed to get good grades in subjects which I hated and really struggled with. Hard work pays off people! :P
Anyway, it's been a while since I did an Outfit post so here's what I wore....

Necklace - Accessorize
Cardigan - Sfera (Spanish store)
Top - New Look
Bandeau Top - Peacock's
Trousers - United Colors of Benetton
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Primark

After getting my results I met my mum for lunch at Ikea and we also went to the Next Clearance shop. I picked up this cardigan but I'm undecided whether I should keep I'd really like your advice on it! I love the bold colour and pattern but not sure if it's "too much" :)

So what do you it thumbs up or thumbs down?

Enjoy! xo

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Italy Haul

So as promised I'm going to show you what I bought in Italy.....

This is my third time going to Italy and every time I've bought some of these "il frutetto"soaps. They were €2.99 and they smell amazing...I put them loose in my suitcase and now ALL my clothes smell of these, it's great! I'm going to give these soaps to my friends and family as I thought they'd be ideal presents.

Bangles, €3.75 Accessorize (yes I did go to Accessorize in Italy! I couldn't resist haha)

I really love this silver bracelet with turquoise stones...I found it in the tackiest shop ever for €4 in Loreto (a huge Catholic pilgrimage place)

Purple pencil skirt, from Extyn Italia €10 (reduced from €32.50!)

Skirt from Zara, €6.99 (reduced from €25.95!)

Top from Zara...I really love the detailing round the shoulder. It was only €3.99 reduced from €19.95

Smart blouse from United Colors of Benetton €8 reduced from €26.90....I have to wear 'business attire' for sixth form next year, which means suit and blouse. I'll show you how silly I look in my 'uniform' in my next post...seriously I look like a bank clerk :P

Enjoy! xo

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Picture Overload: Holiday Snaps from Italy

Hello there!
I got back from Italy on Tuesday night and just got round to sorting through my photos this morning so I thought I'd show you some. I had a really great time in Italy...the weather was great, the countryside and towns we visited were absolutely beautiful and interesting and the food was amazing.

We stayed in Loro Piceno, a small village in the region of Le Marche (it's on the east side of Italy...on the Adriatic Coast). The little shrine with the flowers in the passata bottle made me laugh!

Me by our pool!

We found this lizard had fallen in the pool so we fished it out and amazingly the next day it had recovered!

These huge bunches of grapes were in the garden.

Totally relaxed! :P

Our pool and the house - we had the top apartment so had some stunning views

Dress from Primark - taken just before we went to an outdoor opera which was a really cool experience!

The beautiful Adriatic

I want one of these 3! :P

At the end of the holiday we spent a few days in Ravenna...we saw these stunning, old mosaics in one of the churches

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my's horrible being back in England, and to think I'll be back at school in a couple of weeks!
Another post coming soon about what I bought in Italy :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bye Bye England....Ciao Italia!

Tonight I'm setting off on my holiday and I cannot freaking wait! We're flying to Bologna and gonna spend the night there before picking up a car and driving to our rented apartment in the region of "Le Marche". I've never been to this part of Italy, and I'm quite excited by the fact it's undiscovered....I'm hoping for pure, unspoiled Italian lifestyle!

As for my packing....well this is how it's looking as of 7am this morning:

Well actually it's almost done, I just have to get it in a suitcase lol.

Anyway, I'm going for just over 2 weeks and I'll be back on August 17th with lots of photos and stories to tell I'm sure!

See you soon! xo

Saturday, 31 July 2010

FOTD: Minimal Make-Up!

Well I've been trying to think of a more imaginative title for this post for a while, but that's just gonna have to do! On Wednesday I went for lunch with my grandparents and some family friends. I've been suffering quite badly with hayfever over the past week and minimal make-up is the way to go...wearing tons of make-up just irritates my eyes even more. Actually looking at these pictures it looks like I'm wearing no make-up at all, but hey!

~Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
~17 Hide Away Concealer
~2true Twist 'n' Line Eye Definer
~Mango & Papaya Lip Balm (this was a gift but I'm pretty sure it's from Superdrug....the only problem is that it tastes SO good yo have to keep putting more on!)

~Hair flower from H&M
~Blouse from Tesco

I was also a 'Featured Follower" on Elle's blog. It's a great idea for bloggers to see other bloggers and find out more about them, so check it out!

Enjoy! xo

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tweet Me!

So I've just got my own twitter account, follow me, and let me know if you're on twitter so I can follow you too! :)