Saturday, 31 July 2010

FOTD: Minimal Make-Up!

Well I've been trying to think of a more imaginative title for this post for a while, but that's just gonna have to do! On Wednesday I went for lunch with my grandparents and some family friends. I've been suffering quite badly with hayfever over the past week and minimal make-up is the way to go...wearing tons of make-up just irritates my eyes even more. Actually looking at these pictures it looks like I'm wearing no make-up at all, but hey!

~Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
~17 Hide Away Concealer
~2true Twist 'n' Line Eye Definer
~Mango & Papaya Lip Balm (this was a gift but I'm pretty sure it's from Superdrug....the only problem is that it tastes SO good yo have to keep putting more on!)

~Hair flower from H&M
~Blouse from Tesco

I was also a 'Featured Follower" on Elle's blog. It's a great idea for bloggers to see other bloggers and find out more about them, so check it out!

Enjoy! xo


  1. Hope you feel better soon and that's a cute top!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Could you do a review on the maybelline the falsies mascara? I haven't heard of it yet.
    cute blouse!

  3. @Marie Thanks, I am already. Eye drops and non drowsy tablets are the best!

    @*rachelwears Hahah thanks :)

    @Nik Yes sure, I'll do this when I'm back from holiday. I really do recommend it though, it's my favourite mascara!

  4. you look great without makeup im very jealous! i dont think i would be brave enough to post photos of my bare face. i love the flower in your hair x