Monday, 5 April 2010

Barry M Cosmetics Freebie

Hi guys!
I just wanted to give you a little heads up about a really cute deal at the moment. Free with this month's issue of Top of the Pops magazine are 3 mini Barry M nail paints! I have never bought this magazine before, but saw the nail polishes and had to get it. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and the little bows won me over haha! The magazine retails at £2.45, which I think is a lot for the magazine's content, but for the nail polishes alone it is well worth it (they actually retail at £2.95 so a great bargain!)

Enjoy! xo


  1. such cute nail polishes!

    and freaking LOL at justin bieber on the cover hahaha he annoys me

    those polishes are gorgeous colours too! i wish australia had barry m :(


  2. I'd never read the magazine, but the nail varnishes are really nice colours, so I might have to buy it!

    Thanks for the heads up lol :) xx

  3. cute nailpolish! I like the color on all of them!

    p.s: Check out my blog! I gave you something again! :))

  4. You are so lucky! We never get such nice freebies with magazines in Québec!

  5. oooh my thanks for the heads up! I can't believe top of the pops magazine are giving away barry M! xx

  6. OOo pretty! too bad there isn't such thing in canada :(

  7. Love those colours!
    I think the Justin Beiber cover would totally put me off though...bleh. =P

  8. OMFG ur totally copying hannah from london rose! except ur blog is nowhere near as good.

    hers is HUGELY popular and u just stole the name basically, maybe hoping people would mistake yours for hers? who knows. but u should be ashamed.


  10. @ Paige yes he annoys me too! I really don't understand the obsession with

    @ Emma yeah, the magazine makes me cringe, I was so embarrassed buying it at the shop, but it's definitely worth it for the nail polishes! :)

    @ Selma Wow thank you so much!! :D

    @ Anonymous Erm I really have no idea what you are talking about....I set up this blog before I came across her blog, so that doesn't make sense :/
    Wow thanks for the feedback, I actually love my blog :)
    Well if she has a problem with my blog, then she's free to come and talk to me, but I think you'll find there are thousands of blogs like mine, blogging about beauty and fashion.