Sunday, 9 May 2010

10 Things About Mee

So I was tagged by the lovely aamberr to do this post. Here's what I got to do....

Write 10 things about yourself & life.
Give a final comment about life.
And tag 5 people who’s blog you love reading.

1) I have one week left at school before I go on exam leave for GCSEs. I’m moving school for 6th form so this week is gonna be bitter sweet! :’)

2) I want to live in Italy one day. The culture, the language, the way of life, the weather and the food are amazing...not to mention the hot guys! haha

3) I’m an only child. I have a great relationship with both my parents, but I’m not spoiled!

4) I’m a tidy freak....I can’t work or get anything done if my room or work space is a mess! And if I see a piece of paper on the floor, I instinctively have to pick it up! lol

5) I was born in London...I often wonder how friends, school and life would be different if we had stayed! haha

6) I can’t wait for Summer 2010. My last exam finishes on 21st June and I have a looong 3 months where I have absolutely nothing to do!! :)

7) I’ve never broken a bone in my body and would like it to stay that way! However, I sort of broke my friend’s nose...we were playing duck duck goose and I got up so quickly that she bashed her nose on my head!! Lol.

8) I love to eat. Lol

9) I’m a big town/city girl. I could never live in the countryside...I think it’s beautiful to visit but would drive me insane with nothing to do!

10) I’m currently searching for summer jobs - I’ve applied to 6 places and only heard back from one which was a no anyway :(

So at the moment my life is kinda stressful with exams and stuff but I’m determined to have fun along the way! :)

And here's who I tag:
m a d s

Enjoy! xo


  1. Aaah thanks for the tag Hannah! You're so lovely to have chosen me as one of your 5 :) I will get round to doing this sometime after stupid-ass revision!

  2. good luck with your exams!


  3. Ngaww :$ Thanks for the tag Hannah!
    You know I always love doing these small quizzes and all hehe <3

    Xo Hope I'll gather answers which are as interesting as yours hehe

  4. i would love love love to live in italy one day. it's just soooo incredibly gorgeous there. i'll be visiting for the first time this fall. counting down the days!

    cute blog btw :)


  5. I want to live in Europe one day, I got to study a semester in Italy, Florence and had the time of my life, I loved it out there, I miss it so much. I enjoyed the culture and the amazing architect that I was surrounded by. I also loved the shopping and the FASHION of course! I want to visit London, Paris, Greece and Spain again! Europe is beautiful!!