Sunday, 2 May 2010

Another Haul!

Hi guys,

I went shopping yesterday because I got my May allowance, and however hard I try to save my money there are some things I simply can't resist! lol.
Here's what I bought:

First I got these cute sandals from New Look for £10 (reduced from £16). I don't currently have a pair of black sandals, so hopefully these will be useful when Summer comes!

Then I went to Primark and bought the bikini for £7, flip flops for £1.50 (!) and headband for £1. They also had the headband in purple and I was really stuck which one to buy, I thought gold was better for darker hair but I think I'll be popping back to get it in purple too.

Also, I'm going to show you my prom dress in a post later I promise!

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend (for those in the UK!) xo


  1. Love the bikini! Aah, prom! Exciting!!

  2. Oh, you sound just like me...the second I get some extra money in my pocket, I think about one thing and one thing clothes!!!!! :)

    Lovely finds, my dear!

  3. Ohh!!You look ready for summer!Lovely haul!

  4. oh love all these! :')
    i've tagged you in my blog lovely

  5. I like those sandals. I hope they have them at my local ones. It might be a while until I get to wear any sandals with this cold weather. I hope the sunshine come out again soon! x

  6. I am in DESPERADO need of sandals!