Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Recent Purchases

I thought I would share with you some bargains I picked up at the weekend and over half term which was the week just gone. School at the moment is so stressful as we get ready for our exams which are getting ever nearer! Therefore the half term was a very welcomed break and of course because I was off school and had nothing better to do (other than revising pahaha!) I went shopping!! So here's what I got;

Firstly I got this gorgeous bag! I'm addicted to handbags as all my friends and family know, so I didn't actually NEED this bag, but hey! I just love the pattern, it looks very Cath Kidston which is brilliant considering it was only from Primark costing £6!! Bargain :D This is going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe, which I am seriously doubting will ever come (as I write this we are having yet another snow shower!!). However the only downside to this is that already I have seen a number of other people with the same bag. This happens if you shop in Primark but at the moment I love it so much I don't care haha.

The second thing I bought was these cowboy ankle boots. I'd been in search of some ankle boots for a while, but I am so fussy I could never find anything I liked! I got these from Brantano which is a shop I never go in, so it was just lucky that my mum was like hey let's just pop in here! I really like these boots, they were £30 which I think is pretty good (even though they aren't leather). I was umming and erring at the time but I'm so glad I bought them because now I've got them home and tried them on with my own stuff they look much better and hopefully I'll be wearing them a lot!

This is from the G-21 range at Asda. It cost £8, so another bargain in my opinion! It's supposed to be a crop top but they didn't have my size so it's actually a bit big and doesn't look that cropped! It looks good anyway though. It's not usually the sort of thing I would go for but it's cute! I think I'll wear it out for dinner, or to a party with a black mini skirt and black tights. :)

This was another Primark purchase, which was supposed to be £8 but when I got the till was only £3!! :O I think this little skirt is so cute..I love the heart pattern and the ruffles. The picture above is the front view and the picture below is the back view.

So overall I think I had a very successful spree! Let me know what you think!!

Enjoy! xo

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