Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Hair Inspiration

Hi guys!

Well I've been having a bit of a "blah" day today. I'm sure you know what I mean....I feel bored, stressed, and uninspired. So as soon as I got home from school I got distracted and instead of looking up the Spanish vocab I needed I learn, I got onto google and started searching for gorgeous celebrity hair. Hair, for me at the moment, is a big issue. I had it quite long then had a major cut at Christmas and it's hardly grown since (my hair usually grows super fast and needs cutting like every 5-6 weeks!) Having found all these lovely hairstyles on google, it has truly got me itching to do something about my hair. I want more length mainly but also more style to it. I'm definitely going to get it growing and have set myself a realistic (hopefully) goal of Summer for gorgeous locks! I can't wait! I'll be sure to keep you updated, but in the mean time have a look at what hairstyles are inspiring me at the moment :)


  1. Wow! hehe, you like toussled and curly hair ?! :D Those pics looks good :) Esp the first one! I always liked those natural-looking kinda toussled hair.. If you know how to work on that hairstyle!! Maybe you can send me a hint :D hehehe ♥♥

  2. i love lc's hair she knows exactly what to with it. i wish i could do a side braid i cant even do that lol