Friday, 26 March 2010

My Skincare Routine

Hi guys!
I've had such a busy week but I am now officially on Easter holiday and couldn't be happier!

This post is about my skincare routine (hence the title! lol). Unfortunately I do not have perfect, flawless skin.....far from it, my skin is actually quite oily so I'm prone to breakouts at certain times of the month, if I'm stressed or if I eat too much junk food. So this is how I try and keep my skin under control!

These are the two products I use daily. I think that it's important for people with oily skin not to use too many products because it can really upset the balance of oils in your skin.
I use the Neutrogena Wave with deep cleansing pads each night. It costs about £12 and then roughly £4 for packs of refills, and it's definitely worth the money! I see a big difference in my skin if I stop using it for a period of time.
I also use this MySkin Mattifying Moisture Lotion. It's another fantastic product, and the best thing has to be the price, being under £2 from Tesco! It's actually advertised as being especially for Teenage Skin but I think it would be fine for anyone with oily skin as it doesn't make you shiny! The smell of this product is amazing, it's kiwi and raspberry which sounds a bit odd but it's lovely! :)

Above are products I use less regularly.
I use Nivea Creme when I occasionally get really dry skin. This winter in particular I have used a lot of this, because the weather in the UK has been horrible and very cold. For me, I couldn't use this as a normal facial cream because it's too thick, but it works wonders on patches of dry skin!
The Planet Spa facial mud mask is from Avon and I use it about once a month. It's a horrible, scary grey colour but it's a great product which leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth!
And finally another MySkin product, the exfoliator which I use once or twice a week. It has the same smell as the moisturising lotion and again I love it! I recommend you try the MySkin products as they are such good value and effective!

Enjoy! xo

PS Everyone's skin is different, and what works for me may not work for your skin type. I recommend all of the above products, however please consider they have a totally different effect on your skin!


  1. Hola! I have very oily skin and I too break out during certian times fo the months (ahem) as well as when I get a little too stress (which, working in the rat race, is WAY to often). I have never tried this skin care line but am a firm believer in the Paula's Choice myself (it seriously has done amazing things for my skin). Have a great weekend!

  2. omj :o i use the neutrogena pink thingy cleanser i have well had the same one me and my bf got matching ones (: well ex bf. yea [sigh] great memorys. ne who i also bought planet spa but for my hair works great great tips might trys these (: