Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Prom Prom Prom

Hi :)

I'm currently in the search for a dress for my school prom in June. I know it's a long way off but I want to buy it soon because if I leave it nearer to the time then I'll be bogged down with work and it won't be fun! I'm quite fussy....I don't want anything too revealing, I want a bright colour, I want it to be short and most importantly affordable! I've just had a little play on Polyvore and found my favourite prom dresses from there, so you can get a sense as to the sort of thing I'm after :)

1. I love love this colour and the style, I think it's so pretty but I'm not sure if I can wear a long dress because I'm quite short :S
2. This is another favourite...I love the simplicity of it.
3. Adore this colour, but not sure if I'd have the confidence to wear it lol.
4. Again I love the colour of this dress and the pretty beading round the strap..but is it too long?
5. As you can probably tell I'm a fan of the single shoulder strap and pretty, simple detailing.
6. Love the colour!
7. Now this style is definitely too 'grown-up' but it's the perfect colour!
8. The colour is beautiful and would be great for a summer prom.

Hahah so those are the sort of dresses I'm I just have to find one that fits, looks good and is affordable (I'm thinking under £50)

So I was just wondering if any of you know of any affordable shops selling prom/evening dresses in the London, Milton Keynes, Chester or Liverpool area?! I'd love to hear if you have any advice as well! :)

Enjoy! xo


  1. those dresses look so pretty! I like the single shoulder strap :)


  2. they all look pretty.. color is the way to go though!

  3. they all so nice :) yey I am your new follower today!

  4. oh la la! i love the black and white/silver dress... it is super modern and very unique!

  5. If you're not very tall. I suggest long dresses, cause they'll give an illusion of a taller figure >:) And if you want to look outstanding from others, Red is the colour! It's bright, bold and beautiful.. But sometimes it wont suit fewers :P Hope you can find out a goodie dress!
    & Have fun at promprom. :D

  6. Hi! Thanks for following me!
    I'm also going to prom this year and strangely enough I picked out your number 7 as my prom dress in the exact same colour!! wow!!
    However is was actually too long for me so I refunded it!!
    My new dress is quite similar to number 5 (As I love shoulder dresses aswell) and the simple detailing can be quite effective, especially if it is a bold colour!!

    I hope I've helped!! sorry this is a long comment


  7. Good luck :)
    Great dresses!

  8. I really like #2 with some brightly colored bangin' heels. that'd be sassy without the punch.

  9. @ All Thanks your advice has been very helpful...I've decided to set aside a day where I'm just going to look at dresses and try lots on to see what suits me! I'll keep you updated! :)

  10. If I have to choose one the number 7 without any second thought. For fair brunette it is a must have. And with high heels underneath, no one will realise you are short. Long dress are must haves!

  11. @Une fille Lambda Thank you, this is such helpful advice! I will definitely think about it when I go to buy a dress....I'm also verging towards a longer dress now! :)